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How Can I Avoid Looking "Done" ? 

With so many celebrities around who have gone overboard, it's not surprising that the far majority of our patients stress their desire to have a natural and rejuvenated look, not frozen and overdone.  We pride ourselves in understanding facial proportions and correcting with the big picture in mind.  Take advantage of our free consultation to see what recommendation is right for you!

How Private Is My Visit ?

We take privacy very seriously.  Even when your referrals, friends, or family  inquire about you, we do not confirm that you come to our office, let alone discuss your treatment.  Your privacy is also maintained outside of the office with the highest regards.  If any of our injectors see you at a social event, you will not be approached on our end.  For those who require exclusive private accommodations in the waiting room, please call our office to arrange.  Extra fee may apply.

What Are the Newest Injectable Treatments On the Market?

The most recent injectable products approved in the United States are Kybella and Voluma by Allergan, Restylalne Silk by Galderma, and Radiesse Plus by Merz Aesthetics.  Please visit our "Fillers" and "Kybella" tabs to learn about each product.

What Are the Most Common Side Effects?

The most common side effects of Cosmetic Injectables  are discomfort, swelling, and bruising which usually resolve within a couple of weeks.

What Does XC Mean?

XC is an abbreviation used by the Juvederm Filler Family (Juvederm Voluma XC, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Juvederm Ultra XC) which stands for "Extra Comfort."  As of 2011, Allergan received FDA approval to premix a numbing substance called lidocaine in their fillers to enhance the comfort of their products and reduce pain. 

What are Cannulas?

These are revolutionary new needles that have a rounded tip instead of standard sharp ones.  After numbing the area, a typical needle is first used to make a small entry point into the skin.  Then the cannula is inserted under the skin and product can be injected with less risk of nicking or entering a vessel and hence increasing safety and comfort, and decreasing bruising.  Due to its versatility, fewer entry sites into the skin are necessary which means even further decreased risks of bruising.

What is the Best Age to Start Cosmetic Injectables?

This depends on each individual and his/her area of concern.  We all have different genetics and different past experiences.  If someone has a significant frown line from childhood, it's unfair to make them wait until a random age of say, 40, to start treating it.  It may have etched into the skin by that time and become difficult to reverse.  Prevention is key, and it's indicated when there is evidence of permanent marks starting to engrave into the skin.  Another good example is of the profuse sweating of underarms or palms of the hands.  Many people avoid social interactions and/or shaking hands with others as their perspiration stains their clothes or their sweaty hands is a source of embarassment or self consciousness.  The risk of developing poor self esteem or social isolation outweighs the low risk of treatment with Botox, Dysport, or other neurotoxins, even at an early age.   

Will I Swell?  How Long Does Swelling Last?

As with any any fall or accidental injury, the insertion of the needle into the skin will cause swelling.  Some more than others, but regardless swelling is a nomal responose of the body.  This is how the body evaluates the injury and does what it needs to protect the body.  Swelling can be asymmetrical, and can be inconsistent, depending on the status of the hormonal and immunological balance of the body at that time.  It can also be moved by gravity or rubbing to areas that were not even injected.  These changes usually resolve by two weeks. 

Are Botox and Fillers Painful?

Being patients ourselves, we are regularly reminded of how uncomfortable these procedures can be and constantly try to find better ways to make it more comfortable.  For sensitive areas, we always apply tiny numbing injections before the procedure.  By using ultra-thin accupuncture size needles and applying the valuable tweeks we've developed in our injection techniques, most of our patients express their pleasant surprise with their level of comfort, even if they choose to proceed without numbing creams!   (Ice and numbing creams are always available and are free of charge.)

Can Men Be Treated?

While there seemed to be a stigma associated with men pursuing cosmetic treatments, that has dissipated immensely.  We are seeing more men patients than ever before.  There is plenty of research and articles out there showing that good appearance, whether for a male or female, impacts income in a positive manner- independent of the field of occupation.

Will I Bruise? How Long Will the Bruising Last?

When a needle is inserted into the skin, there's always a chance that a vessel (artery, vein, or capillary) may get punctured with that needle. Depending on the thickness of the blood (coagulability) and the size of the puncture site, blood can ooze out of the vessel and spread under the skin resulting in a "bruise".  The thinner the blood, the more leaking occurs and the larger the bruise will be until the body "puts a cork" into the punctured vessel to stop the leak (coagulation.)  Even if an injector has x-ray vision to see all of the small vessels under the skin, it's impossible to insert the needle into the proper location without nicking one or more of them 100% of the time.  

The risks of bruising however can be reduced significantly through several tricks of the trade. Vessels can be temporarily shrunken down in size with certain topical creams and small injections to decrease the risk of puncturing them.  Injecting superficially (close to the surface) when possible also reduces unnecessary risk.  Choosing the site of entry wisely is another important factor.  An injector should know how to avoid and circumvent highly vascularized areas of the face.  The smallest needle should be used and when possible, a cannula.  This is a revolutionary needle which has a round tip (not sharp) and cannot cut vessels.  It's more likely to push the vessel to the side as it passes through.  

Patients can also do their part to reduce risk of bruising by avoiding medications and vitamins that can thin the blood (advil/ibuprofen/motrin, exedrin/naproxen, aspirin, fish oils, flaxeed oils, ginko biloba, vitamin E, alcohol, etc...)  And for further precaution,  vitamin K, core of pineapple, and arnica tablets taken one day prior to injection are helpful.  After the procedure, application of ice and arnica gel, as well as immobiliy of injected area is a good idea.  

Once bruising has occured, depending on its extent and the body's healing speed, it can take 2 days to 2 weeks for recovery.  This can be expedited by using ice in the first 48 hours, then alternating heat pack/ice packs to dilate and shrink the vessels, creating a washing effect on the area.  Ocumend Cearna is a patch that delivers arnica to the area and seems to also be helpful.

Some of the best cover ups that are mostly known for covering tattoos include: Cat Von Dee, Dermablend, and Cover FX.  

Does Botox Treat Depression?

There are many ongoing studies on positive effects of Botox as treatment for depression. Here are a few links to several sites:

Web MD re: Hannover Medical School in Germany

Fortune re: Allergan's ongoing studies

Psychology Today

Time Magazine

What sets you apart from other offices ? 

We focus on injectables.  We do not offer lasers, biopsies, cosmetic surgery, or facials.  Only injectables.  This innately provides us with more experience in this one field, and allows for foreseeing and avoiding some of the potential adverse results.  It also allows us to stay at the forefront of new developments in techniques and materials in the market.   Another advantage is that we have a better purchasing power from the suppliers of these products, allowing us to pass on the savings to our patients and keeping the prices competitive.