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The newest addition to our injectable tools: Kybella.  It destroys fat cells to reduce the appearance of a double chin.  And unlike lasers, the lipid destruction is permanent!


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How can you avoid looking overdone?  Are you concerned about risks?  Click here to learn  how we take extra measures to put your mind at ease.



Juvederm vs Restylane vs Voluma... So many fillers out there... find out how they are different and to best use them.  Explore the different ways fillers can be used to refresh a tired looking face.


Click here to learn why we pride ourselves in our keen focus on Cosmetic Injectable services.  We will take you through treatment of each area individually.


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Europe had it first, but we finally got our hands on it: Resorbable sutures that are inserted under the skin to promote lift and firmness via collagen and elastin stimulation.



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Sherly M. Soleiman MD, a board certified physician, has focused her scope of practice to cosmetic injectables.  That means no facials, no peels, and no surgeries.  How does that benefit you?


Small needles that penetrate the skin at the rate of 1,300 times per second, causing stimulation of collagen and elastin.  Learn more about how you can decrease scars, acne, and appearance of wrinkles.




Helping You to Achieve Natural Looking Enhancement Through Non-Surgical Treatment

Curious what Botox can do aside from treating frown lines and crows feet?  How is Botox different from Dysport? Learn how to choose your product of choice here.


Botox vs Dysport:

​​We take patient privacy seriously.  Here are some before and afters of patients who were happy to share their results with you!


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